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Menu at Fu-Fu Cuisine

Please keep in mind, Fu-Fu Cuisine is home-style African and Caribbean Food, not fast food.  The tenderness of Goat Curry or the golden brown perfection of Pof Pofs does take time.

If you call all us for your Carry Out/Order to Go, there can be up to a 45 minute wait.  It is always a good idea to call your order early!


Shish kebab

Beef or chicken diced in cubs and marinated with my varieties of ingredients and placed on a skewer with cubes onion, green and red bell pepper.

Buffalo wings

10 Fresh wings and drums seasoned with ingredients and deep fried with your choice of sauces. Barbecue and regular style of buffo saucy and side of dipping dressing (ranch/bleu cheese)

                       Dumpling Soup                                

Fresh chicken or beef diced and seasoned with Esther's special rub. A variety of vegetables, carrots, dumpling, onions, tomatoes and corn. Very tasty you got love it for $4.99

                                                  Pepper Soup

An African favorite soup to pair with Fu-Fu! Spicy, tender Goat meat in a blend of spices, potatoes, and carrots. Order it extra spicy to get the true Nigerian heat!

Meat P
A traditional Caribbean idea of a finger food, Jamaicans call it "Yati" while Puerto Ricans call it "empanada." An individual flour pastry stuffed with seasoned, cured beef.


Think of a doughnut hole, on steroids! A favorite for children and adults alike! Golden Fried sweet dumplings made with flour, sugar, lots of  butter, and deep fried. You can try to eat just one, or you can order six at a time.



Cassava Leaves*

Made with beef, goat meat, dried smoke fish and peanuts. Served with your choice of rice or  Fu-Fu.

Curried Chicken or Goat*

Cube sliced meat marinated and cooked in curry, green beans and carrots. Served over white steamed rice. 

     Egusi Soup and Fu-Fu (Eba)*

A Ghanian and Nigerian staple, Egusi soup is slow-cooked to make sure the Goat meat seasoned Fu-Fu style is melt-in-your-mouth tender. It comes with complimentary warm bowl of water and moist towlette to clean your hands.
Served with Fu-Fu.

Fried Tilapia*

Fresh marinated tilapia deep fried. It is served with your choice of Couscous or jolof rice for $10.99 the whole fish and $8.99 the 2 pieces.

Do you have room for Fish pepper soup?

Fresh tilapia seasoned Fu-Fu style. Served with white rice.


Yassa Tilapia

  Marinated tilapia deep fried with sautee onions and bell peppers. Served with white rice.


Jerk Barbecue Chicken*

Marinated chicken breast with Esther’s variety of ingredients and grilled .

Served with mashed potatoes and garnished with broccolli.

Rice & Fresh Tomato Stew*          

Fresh tomatoes blended with onions and tomato paste, fried with seasoned meat. Served over steam rice and plantain.

                            Okra or Ogbono and Fu-Fu (Eba)*

Goat meat seasoned with Esther’s variety of ingredients, served with pounded yam.

                                                     Esther's Meatballs*

Esther handrolls & rubs each meatball with a rich variety of seasonings before they touch her signature tomato & basil sauce. It is served with your choice of rice or noodles.

Jerk Chicken or Steak Caesar Salad

Grilled chicken breast, sliced Julian style on top of romaine lettuce, mixed with Caesar dressing for $8.99

                                                    Yassa Chicken
Marinated chicken deep fried with sautee onions and bell peppers. It served with with rice for $9.99


Side Dishes

French fries    $2.99
Black eye pea beans  $2.99
Jolof rice  $3.99
Steam rice  $2.99
Salad $2.99
Barbecue grilled steak/chicken $4.99
Extra FU-FU $2.99
Extra Side of Fresh Habanero Sauce $5.99


* Food can be made to be spicy: mild, hot, or extra spicy.


                             Cheese Cake                            Chocalate Cake


    Chardonnay                     Lime Margarita                       Sangria                  Mango Martini          

Ginger Mint:   Freshly ginger and mint blended together. Spicy and It is mixed with pineapple juice and orange juice for $5.99

Whisky cookies shake: it is best for desert, made with vanilla ice cream, cookies and house of Stuart, blended together and garnished with whipped cream for $5.99

Jungle juice:  Captain Morgan, pineapple juice, orange juice, and freshly diced fruits. For $6.99Island fruity: This is one of my favorites fruity drinks made with combination of Bacardi rum, Caribbean coconut rum, and banana liquor and a hint of orange juice, pineapple juice and cranberry juice. For $5.99

Island Tea: Made with rum, gin, vodka, triple sec mixed with sweet and sour and coca cola for $6.99

Pina Colada: Rum, colada mix, hints of pineapple juice and orange juice. Topped with coconut whipped cream. For $5.99

Mud slide:  Very refreshing drinks made with vanilla ice cream, kahlua and vodka blended and topped with coconut whipped cream. For $6.99


 Mandarin orange margarita: Made with tequila, triple sec, mandarin orange syrup and margarita lime mix for $6.99.

Lime mix or strawberry Rita: Margarita mix which is good for light weight for $4.99

My favorites are that you got to choose your own type of tequila for margarita mix. Jose cuervo, 1800, House tequila or Sauza. For $6.99


Mango martini: Gin, mango syrup, sweet and sour mix for $4.99

Raspberry martini: citrus vodka, triple sec, sweet and sour mix and raspberry syrup for $5.99


Apple juice, orange juice, pineapple juice and cranberry juice, milk passion fruit drinks for $2.99. Others ice tea and soda please ask your server for  $1.99 Malta    $1.99

We also serve varieties of beer, liquor and wines. 

Kids’ Menu -
Always Free Drinks for the Kids!

Chicken finger with French fries $3.99

Meatball pasta $4.99

White rice and stew$4.99

Some of the kids’ menus come with your choices of one side dishes: French fries, jolof rice.  Side salad.