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Welcome Home to An Exotic Comfort

Fu-Fu (Fufu)

is the name of an African dish made by boiling starchy vegetables like cassava, yams, or plantains and then pounding them into a dough-like consistency.

Like many Aunties from across the globe, the Fu-Fu is rarely served alone.

A bowl of warm water is presented to wash your hands.
A towel to dry your hands.

Why is this so important?
Fu-Fu is eaten by taking a small ball of it in one's fingers and then dipping into an accompanying soup or sauce.  No Auntie would allow for their beloved niece or nephew to eat her meal with dirty hands.

That is what Fu-Fu Cuisine is all about: a distinct, authentic flavor linked to cultural traditions.

The Magic at Fu-Fu Cuisine

If culinary wizards can prepare many entrees, then we truly have a Merlin at Fu-Fu.

Fu-Fu Cuisine's chef and owner, Esther Mbaikambey, always had an interest and dedication to serving people.  After graduating from primary school in her native land of Nigeria, Mbaikambey attended high school in Montego Bay, Jamaica.   She enjoyed her culinary studies to create great tasting food.  "You can see the African influence, but Caribbean food is all its own," commented Mbaikambey. This chef apprenticed for 9 years as a caterer to learn her kitchen magic.  With blessings from her husband, Martial, and their local Church, the spell was cast proudly in her first restaurant - Fu-Fu Cuisine.

Since 2002, Chef Esther Mbaikambey has been arranging all the details necessary to craft our International Menu Flavors from a wide variety of cultures.


Around the World in Bites

It is a fusion of spices ranging every palate.

The Yassa Chicken, Goat Curry, and whole Deep-Fried Tilapia are customer favorites! Each plate can be made with mild, hot, or extra-spicy levels of heat to accommodate Foodie adventures.

Define the Caribbean Spirit with Fu-Fu's Jerk barbecue chicken thighs nestled against mashed potatoes.  Come back to Africa with a tomato stew and fried meat, draping over a rib-sticking mound of steamed rice and plantains.


Parched throats from the Phoenix desert can always seek refuge at Fu-Fu Cuisine.

Have you dared a Whiskey Cookie Shake -or- an Island Fruitie?

If you think "try one piña colada, you've tried them all" we'd like to challenge you. Fu-Fu's piña colada is topped with coconut whipped cream as fluffy as a cloud's bedroom slippers.

As always, you may choose from one of our menu options or customize a meal to your taste.